Welcome to L B Kentucky Hill Farm

Local and chemical free produce fresh from our farm.

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L B Kentucky Hill Farm is run by the Martin family near Ezel in Morgan County Kentucky.

All of our produce is raised without the use of synthetic pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. We do use organic fertilizers with many different micro minerals in, making our produce rich in minerals and nutrition. We do occasionally use organic pesticides however our main pest control strategy is to encourage natural beneficial insects etc. For weed control we use cover crops, cultivation, and yes the good old fashioned hoe and pulling weeds by hand.

Besides produce we have cows, sheep, goats, and poultry. We will occasionally have them for sale. While we try to raise our animals as chemical free as possible we do feed them some conventional feed.

I am still setting this site up, so keep checking back for updated info. Feedback is welcome.

Luray Martin 606 359 4860